Well it’s that time of the month again, and I decided I really wanted to make a blog post where I blather on about how great Lunapads are- Seriously, they are amazing. I love my reusable pads- I’m sure a few years ago I would’ve been grossed out by the thought, but now I am never going back to disposable products.

It boggles my mind when I think about how much waste disposable products put in landfills (not to mention how much money is wasted buying them!).. As well as being ab it scary to think about what chemicals are in those ‘sanitary’ pads. So my boyfriend bought me my first Lunapad for my birthday last year (how awesome is he? He also got me a plushie uterus! Hard to top that!) and I haven’t turned back since. If you need any more reasons to switch to reusable menstrual products, check out the Lunapad’s website.

But I just want to talk about how I deal with my period. Although, honestly, once I started using these pads it really stopped being such a horrible few days. I mean, cramps still suck pretty bad, but otherwise it definitely feels like a much more positive experience.

My pad storage box! As you can see from the pictures above I have 6 pads total (3 Long & 3 Overnight) in a whole array of cute fabrics- yet another reason these pads are so much better than disposables- as well as a bunch of liners. So, once mother nature comes a callin’, I just pull out my storage box from my closet and I’m all set! No more running to the drugstore to buy pads. It is amazing how much money they cost when you add it up year round!

Here are all the liners. So each day after I take my shower I put on a fresh pad on my undies, and then put a liner on it (there are little bands that hold the liner in). And then I usually change the liner about 3 times a day, and just repeat every day of my period! When I change them I just take the old liner and rinse it out in the sink quick, then throw it in my little mesh laundry bag that I have specially for my pads/liners. Then I’ll just throw them all in the wash- that’s all there is to it!

I also have a Moonpad Bag (the super cute owl bag!) which has two zippered compartments- so when I am at school or away for some time I can put clean pads in one compartment, and then put my used ones in the other. It’s super discreet too- like before using these I would be freaked out that someone could hear me opening a pad- they make so much freaking noise!- although that was rather silly of me to be worried about. And I also have two other bags to use if I have a longer trip. When I was in New York City for half a week for a school trip I just used my bags and everything was fine- washed all ‘em up when I got home! And even if you’re worried about someone seeing you wash them or something- they honestly just look like socks if you aren’t looking close enough.

The only real downside to these is that they are a bit on the pricey side. But to me it is worth it because they are not harming the environment at all, they make you feel better about your period, the are super easy and have cute patterns- not to mention they are incredibly comfortable. Cannot stress that enough! They make me feel more independent- I don’t have to rely on anything other than a washing machine. And honestly, over your life you spend so much buying disposables, might as well spend that much- or less, depending on how long the pads last you!- and feel more comfortable and do good for the earth. My pads are still going strong over the past year plus! So I would definitely recommend using reusable pads- and there are many other kinds out there other than Lunapads- it really made a big difference in my life.

(and if anyone has any questions- let me know!)

2 thoughts on “Lunapads

  1. If I was a pad wearer, I would totally consider these, however, I’ve been slowly playing with the idea of a DivaCup instead of tampons. To me it just seems a lot more convenience than carrying around a bunch of tubes in your back pocket :)

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